Your Water Heater Works Harder In Winter

Water Heaters: The unsung workhorse of your home this season!

water heater new yorkWhile you probably already know that your home’s furnace or boiler works harder during the winter months, you may be surprised to know that your water heater does as well, if not even more!

Why is that you ask? Here are the main three reasons:

Standing heat loss.

If you’re like most homeowners, your Hudson Valley home has a conventional water heater where the water is stored in a tank. It’s usually in the basement, where it’s pretty cold. The water sits in your tank waiting to be used. The longer it sits there, the more heat it loses. That’s standing heat loss. When there’s more standing heat loss, like there is in winter, your water heater has to work even harder so the water in the tank is hot when you need it.

Colder water.

The fresh water that comes into your home in the winter is colder. That’s called having a lower inlet temperature. When the water’s colder, it will take more work and energy for your water heater to get it to your desired hotter temperature.

More usage.

Like most of us, you probably take longer, hotter showers in the winter. And, there are also other appliances you may be using more hot water on, like the washing machine when the kids are home from college, or the dishwasher as your home hosts gatherings for the holidays. More usage means more work for your water heater.

With all of that, higher energy bills this time of are likely unavoidable. In fact, did you know water heating accounts for around 20 percent of your energy costs?

There is, however, something you can do to keep those energy costs as low as possible. You can ensure that your water heater is running at its best possible efficiency with regular maintenance. And, if you’re ready to replace your water heater, our experts can help you find the high-efficiency water heater that fits your home, and your budget!

Find out more about how Depew Energy can help you take control of your energy costs this season, and beyond. Contact us today to learn just how we can help!