Enroll in Depew Energy’s Worry-free Budget Plan!

Get ease and peace of mind with a budget that suits your needs

budget plans hudson valleyWith the COVID-19 outbreak still impacting our daily lives, and nearly everything that goes with it, why should managing your heating oil and/or propane costs be any sort of worry on top of that?

Depew Energy is here to make your life easier and less stressful. How? With our Worry-free Budget Plan for propane and heating oil!

The Worry-free Budget Plan gives you stability and peace of mind when it comes to your fuel costs.

Here’s how the Worry-free Budget Plan works:

We look at your last two years of fuel usage (or homes comparable in size to yours if you’re new!) and use that to predict your usage for the coming year, and set your monthly payment based on that, plus a few other distinct factors.

You make 11 even, monthly payments, from April through February.

Knowing what you’ll be paying each month is much nicer than having higher fuel bills in the winter and keeps your from riding the roller coaster of the fuel markets and experiencing the impact on your fuel costs.

If you use heating oil, we offer other ways to get more control of your heating oil costs, too!

Our Fixed Price Program lets you pay a set price per gallon of heating oil for the entire heating season. Whatever happens with heating oil prices that season, your price per gallon won’t change.

With our Cap Price Program, we’ll set a cap price per gallon for your heating oil. Your price per gallon won’t go any higher than the capped price, but if prices go down, so will your price per gallon!

Automatic delivery: Another advantage for you, and for us, too!

Even though many of us are staying home, our lives are still pretty busy. But we can take a few things off your to-do list: checking your heating oil and/or propane tank gauge levels and scheduling a delivery from us.

When you enroll in automatic delivery of heating oil and/or propane, we do the work for you! We use our predictive computer systems and monitor the real-time weather conditions to track your fuel usage, and then schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

No more having to go down to the basement or outside to check your tank gauge levels or having to call us for a delivery. And no more worry, hassle or expense if you forget and end up running out of fuel.

Enjoy the comfort of knowing you’ll have heating oil and/or propane when you need it with automatic delivery!

Contact us to get started with our Worry-free Budget Plan, or ask us about one of our many other benefits, such as automatic delivery, service plans, equipment specials, and more!