Winter Weather Fuel Delivery Tips

Ensure Safety for Your Family—and Ours!

fuel delivery tips new yorkWhile we may have seen a mild start to the season, there’s plenty of time for nasty winter weather to put the Hudson Valley in midst of a deep freeze. When you’re on the automatic delivery program, you don’t have to worry about running out of heating oil or propane, no matter what Mother Nature brings. We’ll watch the weather—alongside your prior usage patterns—to make sure always have the fuel you need before you run low.

But there are ways you can make deliveries easier for our drivers, both before and after big storms, so they can get their work done efficiently and safely and get to everyone quickly.

Keep these tips in mind to help us, help you during the chilly winter months here in New York!

Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

  1. Be sure the path to your tank’s fill pipe is free of debris and branches and clear a path about a foot wide immediately after a snowfall.
  2. Is your tank underground? Marking its location with a pole topped with a bright-colored flag or wide ribbon makes it visible over snowbanks and drifts.
  3. When clearing your driveway after snow, keep in mind that our trucks need a 9- to 10-foot-wide path to maneuver safely—and WE CANNOT DELIVER FUEL IF YOUR DRIVEWAY ISN’T PLOWED.
  4. Be sure vents are not blocked by snow, ice, or fallen leaves, as your heating system won’t work effectively. It also increases the risk of carbon monoxide buildup in your home.
  5. After a storm, check for downed trees, branches, and power lines that may obstruct access to your equipment.

Protect Your Family

Winter storms can damage lines and block vents, resulting in potentially dangerous situations for your home and family.

No matter what Mother Nature throws our way this winter, rest assured Depew Energy is always working to make sure your Hudson Valley home and family are warm, comfortable, and safe. If you have questions or want information about fuel deliveries, equipment upgrades, service, or repairs, contact us anytime through our website—or give us a call! We’ll be happy to help.