Hot Tips for Winter Heating Efficiency

Stay warm while saving money, too!

stay warm save moneyThe holidays are wrapping up. There’s been so much to enjoy, like beautiful holiday decorations, delicious dinners, and quality time with loved ones.

One thing we don’t enjoy is the prospect of higher energy bills that come with keeping our Hudson Valley homes warm the rest of the winter season.

As a New Year’s gift, we’re offering you five tips that will help you save money while still being comfortable!

  1. Get your heating system a tune-up. Annual maintenance by the experienced service technicians at Depew Energy helps your furnace or boiler run at peak efficiency, meaning you’ll be using less energy to keep your home warm. It also saves you money because we can spot and fix small problems before they lead to breakdowns and costly repairs. Annual maintenance may also be required to keep your heating system’s warranty in effect. Take it a step further by enrolling in one of our service plans that include annual tune-ups!
  2. Seal up your home. Did you know that drafts, mostly found around windows and doors, can add about 15 percent to your heating costs? Fortunately, you can close up those drafts over a weekend with inexpensive products like caulk, weatherstripping, expanded foam and door sweeps. Also check your insulation. Do you have enough? Proper insulation can save you up to 20 percent on your heating and cooling costs.
  3. Use your programmable thermostat. What’s great about a programmable thermostat is that you can set it to lower the heat while you’re away during the day and while you’re asleep, and then set it to turn on before you get home so the house is warm when you arrive. Some of today’s programmable thermostats can even be controlled through your smartphone. Don’t have a programmable thermostat? It’s another weekend project worth digging into!
  4. Use space heating. A propane space heater lets you comfortably use unheated or inadequately heated rooms in your home. And, since you simply turn them off when you leave, you’re not spending more to heat that room throughout the day.
  5. Let the heat circulate. Make sure the heating you spend good money to have isn’t stuck behind furniture or draperies. Move those things away from ducts and radiators for more efficient heating.

You can count on Depew Energy for safe and reliable propane and heating oil deliveries all season long. Become a customer today and experience the difference we can make.