Why Is The Oil Truck At My Home Right Now?

heating oil delivery hudson valleyCustomers sometimes ask us why we make automatic deliveries in the spring or summer. We do this to protect your tank and heating equipment.

When your tank is partially empty in the warm weather, it is very common for condensation to form inside the tank wall. This condensation can cause sludge to collect at the bottom of your tank, and sludge is bad for your heating system—in fact, it’s one of the top reasons for breakdowns.

Why does condensation form?

Condensation forming in your tank is very common in the summer. Hot, humid days and cooler nights create the perfect atmosphere for condensation buildup to accelerate inside your tank. And if your tank is aboveground, outdoors and in an unshaded area, it’s especially prone to condensation.
That’s why it’s best to keep your tank at least half-full (preferably more) during the warm months.

The damage from condensation

After water forms on the bare walls on the empty area of the tank, it drips down and sinks to the bottom of the tank because water is denser than heating oil. There, it becomes an ideal environment for bacteria and other microorganisms.

Over time, these organisms accumulate and turn into sediment. This can create problems with your oil tank. One problem is that sediment, also known as sludge, can get into your fuel lines and clog them up. This will cause your heating system to shut down.

So, the bottom line is this: keeping your tank full during the summer prolongs its life. That’s because the same condensation that results in sludge can also corrode your tank from the inside out – a big problem that could be difficult to see coming and costly to resolve.

Fill your tank now while prices are low

It usually makes the most sense to purchase heating oil during the off-season — that is, in the summertime. This is the closest you will find to a guarantee that prices will be lower, although as history has sometimes shown, this is not always the case.

Then there is the question over just how long it will take for global oil demand to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Industry professionals, international organizations and analysts are largely in agreement that it will be more than a year before oil demand returns to 2019 levels. But as oil demand begins to return and oil supply decreases, upward price pressures will begin to emerge. Prices have already creeped up from their lowest point.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, with global oil demand expected to exceed supply beginning in the second half of 2020 and continuing through the forecast period, prices could rise steadily beginning in the second half of this year.

So, as the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot! If you’re not on automatic delivery, call us to request your “summer fill.” You’ll protect your tank and save money too!

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