Why Does Propane Burn Blue?

Be Sure Your Propane Appliances are Burning Safely and Efficiently

propane flame new york When you burn logs in a fireplace, the flames are usually red, orange, and yellow. So, you might wonder why the flame is blue when you burn propane. While it might seem unusual, it’s actually a good thing! When your propane burns with a blue flame, it means your propane is burning at maximum efficiency, and more importantly, safely.

Why Are Blue Flames Better?

When propane gas burns with the correct ratio of fuel to air, there is enough oxygen for complete combustion of propane. The gas molecules in the flame are ionized and the propane flame is blue—as it should be. The blue flame means that your propane is burning at its full heat, so you aren’t wasting any fuel.

What Do Orange or Yellow Flames Mean?

When propane flames are orange or yellow, it means the propane on those parts of the flame is not being completely burned. The incomplete combustion that causes these off-color flames can lead to a carbon monoxide buildup in your home. It’s important not to ignore the problem, which can become a serious safety issue if not corrected promptly.

On the burners of a propane range, spilled or burned food can block parts of the burner and cause incomplete combustion. If cleaning your cooktop doesn’t solve the issue—or the orange flames are in another appliance or a gas fireplace—contact us immediately to look.

In addition to the potential for carbon monoxide buildup, orange flames mean that you’re only getting about half the heat from the flame.

In complete combustion with a blue flame, the temperature of a propane flame is 3,596˚ Fahrenheit. With a yellow flame, the flame’s temperature is 1,832˚ Fahrenheit…so you’re getting only about half the heat. When it comes to home heating or water heating, that drop in efficiency will show up in your bills. It will also affect your cooking—the timing will be off, and you won’t get a good sear on that steak, or a nice crust on those hash browns.

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Propane has a stellar safety record, thanks to strong government regulation and high industry standards. And when your systems and equipment are working properly, and your propane is burning efficiently, you know easy and comfortable it makes your day-to-day life.

Propane gives you environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective home heating and water heating. You get to cook with a range that provides instant temperature control and even cooking. Propane fireplaces give you cozy comfort with none of the work or mess of a wood-burning fireplace. Outdoors, propane is a much more effective and affordable option for pool and spa heating than electricity. You can also use propane for your grill, firepit, insect trap, and more!

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