What Size Propane Tank Do I Need For My Home?

How You Use Propane Determines What You’ll Need!

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Are you in the market for a propane tank for your Hudson Valley home?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! We know there are several reasons you might be in the market for a new propane tank. You may have just built a new home and want to take advantage of propane usage like heating, cooking, or more. Maybe you’re renovating your existing home and want to install an appliance that will run on propane such as a stove or water heater. If you already use propane and have added more propane-powered appliances, you will likely need a larger propane tank. You may be installing a propane whole-house backup generator.

Whatever your reason for needing a propane tank, Depew Energy is here for you!

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to work with you to determine the right size propane tank for your Hudson Valley home.

Depew Energy not only provides customers with the propane tank itself, but also full access to reliable propane delivery. With our Automatic Delivery plan, you’ll never run out of propane again!

Choosing The Right Propane Tank

Here’s a helpful guide to common propane tank sizes so you’ll have an idea of what you may need:

120-gallon propane tank: If you use propane only in one or two appliances, such as a range, fireplace, or clothes dryer when filling your tank—this size works for you.

150-gallon propane tank: This tank size is perfect for low-BTU appliances, such as water heaters and ranges.

250-gallon propane tank: This tank is not large enough to provide whole-house heating, but it can power three or more propane appliances such as water heaters and wall or space heaters.

500-gallon propane tank: This is the size tank you will likely install if you use propane to heat your home.

1,000-gallon (or larger) propane tank: While this size of tank is mostly used in commercial and industrial applications, it can be found at large homes that use propane for heating as well as several other purposes like cooking, water heating, and pool or spa heating.

Get propane tank installation and propane delivery done right. Become a Depew customer today and experience the difference we can make for you!