Understanding Pre-Buy and Capped Price Programs

What Are They—and How Do These Plans Benefit Me?

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With the summer season now in full swing, the last things you want to think about are the winter months ahead and the heating bills that coincide with them. But taking a little effort now can help you control your heating oil and/or propane costs—all thanks to pricing and payment options offered to Depew Energy customers! In fact, our enrollment has opened for Depew’s Pre-Buy, Capped Price, Fixed Price, and Worry-Free Budget Plans!

Here’s a rundown of your options, and why they’re a great choice for anyone looking to make managing their fuel costs easier:

Heating Oil Pre-Buy Plan

Pre-Buy gives you stability and security. You purchase your heating oil for the heating season now and pay an agreed-upon price. That price is locked in as long as your purchased heating oil gallons last or until spring, whichever comes first.

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Heating Oil Capped Price Plan

Heating oil costs can go up and down, depending on numerous factors, such as: the current season, weather patterns, natural disasters, and geopolitical crises.

But with our Capped Price plan, that’s nothing you must worry about! When you enroll, you agree to the cap for the price per gallon of your heating oil. You’ll never pay a penny more than that “ceiling” price. But wait, there’s more!

If market prices fall, with Capped Price, your price per gallon goes down to that market price. You get price protection AND an opportunity to save big on your heating oil costs!

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Propane Fixed Price Plan

Propane customers can control exactly how much they pay for their propane. With Depew’s Fixed Price plan, we agree on a set price per gallon ahead of heating season. You’ll never pay more than that for your propane for the entire heating season, no matter what happens in the markets.

Worry-Free Budget Plan Options

Whether you use heating oil or propane, you know that your costs go up and down over the year, with larger bills in the winter. But with our Worry-Free Budget Plan, your fuel costs are spread out across even, monthly payments! No more surprises, and it’s easier to plan your household budget!

Contact us today to learn more about each available plan—or to enroll! And don’t forget to ask about our Worry-Free Budget Plan option, too!