Should I Turn My Furnace Off Over The Summer?

Read this before flipping any switches on your home heating system

summer furnace care hudson valleyNow that summer is here in the Hudson Valley, your home’s furnace is getting a break while your air conditioning takes care of keeping your home comfortable. That may have you wondering if it makes sense to turn your furnace off completely for the summer then turn it back on in the fall.

There are some things to consider before deciding, and we’ve put together some key questions:

What does “turning off the furnace” really mean?

You might think that by turning their thermostat to “Cool” the furnace has been turned off. That’s not true. The “Cool” setting stops the furnace from running, but the furnace is still technically on. If your furnace is 15 years old or older, it has a pilot light. That pilot light is still on, which means your furnace is using energy that you’re continuing to pay for.

Do you actually have a furnace?

The word “furnace” is often a general term used to describe any type of home heating system. All furnaces are heating systems but not all heating systems are furnaces.

A furnace uses forced air to heat your home. Boilers heat your home using water. If you have vents, you have a furnace. If you have radiators or baseboard heating, you have a boiler.

If you have a boiler, DO NOT turn off the pilot light! The metal in a boiler shrinks when the unit gets cold. That can cause leaks and damage in your heating system.

Why should the pilot light stay on?

Why should the pilot light should be turned off?

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