4 Reasons To Enroll in Propane Tank Monitoring

Eliminating Runouts Is Just the Start!

propane tank monitor new yorkWireless propane tank monitors are modern, convenient devices that can help save you big money and avoid big trouble. How so? They use Wi-Fi and cellular technology to monitor the level of propane in your tank in real time. When the tank gauge reaches a pre-set level, the monitor alerts us—and you—directly, and we then schedule a timely delivery. It’s as simple as that!

Key Benefits of Wireless Tank Monitoring

Here are four smart reasons you should consider a tank monitor:

  1. Convenience: If you’ve never run out of propane, you may not think it’s a big deal…when, in fact, it can be both inconvenient and expensive. If your tank gets too low—or runs out completely—you’ll need to pay for professional assistance pressure tests to get your system back up and running again. Having a tank monitor virtually eliminates the chance of running out of propane.
  2. Safety: When you run out of propane, the pressure in your gas lines change and there’s the possibility that the seals around pipe fittings could contract and create a leak. Preventing propane levels from getting too low protects you from potential leaks and the need for a leak test to check the integrity of these joints and seals.

    While propane is completely safe under most conditions, it can be highly flammable, so leaking propane lines can be dangerous. That’s why pressure tests are also required by state and federal law, as well as insurance rules.

  3. Flexibility: Without a tank monitor, our automatic delivery service relies on consistent patterns of usage. If your propane use fluctuates—because you only use your home seasonally, you are away for extended periods, or you use propane for systems that you don’t use predictably, like for a gas hearth—our algorithm can’t fully predict your use. And if you’re a will-call customer, a tank monitor frees you from having to watch your tank routinely. The convenient mobile app will alert you when it’s time to schedule a fill-up!
  4. Savings: With a complementary wireless mobile app, you have even more control and insight. The user-friendly app allows you to check your tank monitor any time of the day or night to see your usage patterns day-to-day, as well as exactly how much fuel is in your tank at any given time.

Ready to Enroll? It Only Takes a Few Minutes!

The bottom line? A tank monitor offers peace of mind because you never have to worry about the hassle and costs of running out of propane, even if you’re a will-call customer. Installation is quick and easy. We can have you set up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Contact Depew Energy today to find out more about the benefits of wireless tank monitoring and how we can get you set up—100% hassle-free.