Creating a Sustainable Future for Heating Oil

Understanding the Path to Net-Zero Emissions

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Climate change is being seen by more and more people as the crisis that it truly is. A report recently released by the United Nations warns that, unless we begin dramatic reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions immediately, potentially catastrophic warming this century may not be entirely avoidable.

We are already seeing the effects of climate change in deadly heat waves, deep freezes, wildfires, floods, and droughts right here in our own country. It’s not hyperbole to say tackling this crisis is going to directly affect so many parts of our lives. It’s for these reasons that the heating oil industry has been working for years towards the overarching goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050—and we’re on our way to reaching that goal.

We at Depew Energy are doing our collective part in this as well, with the quality of our heating oil and oil-fired equipment.

ULSHO is Just the Beginning

Depew Energy only delivers ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). It meets the new low-sulfur guidelines by lowering sulfur content to 15 parts per million—that’s nearly 99% less than just two decades before!

Compared to other heating oils, ultra-low sulfur heating oil—which emits 70% less greenhouse gases by virtually eliminating the sulfur content—is much better for the environment. Additionally, ULSHO not only burns cleaner, but it also helps your home’s heating system run more efficiently and reduces deposits in the system. This increases the lifespan of the unit and prevents equipment failure.

Speaking of equipment—that is another way we’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint of keeping your home warm, safe, and comfortable with heating oil! Today’s high-efficiency, oil-fired furnaces and boilers that we install are incredibly efficient, reaching efficiencies as high as 98%. Given every dollar you spend on heating oil, 98 cents of it goes into heating your home instead of being lost in the combustion process. Comparatively, older heating systems operate at as little as 60% efficiency, meaning 40 cents of every dollar you spend on heating oil is wasted.

Don’t let outdated ideas such as “oil heat is inefficient” or “heating oil is dirty” deter you from utilizing a fuel that continues to provide safer, more effective, and more efficient home comfort than natural gas or electricity alike.

With Depew Energy, you get dependable delivery of cleaner-burning, efficient heating oil all year-round. Become a customer today and experience the difference we can make for your Hudson Valley home or business!