Propane Space Heating: The Perfect Supplemental Heat

Stay Comfy And Cozy In Every Room Of Your Home

zone heating new yorkThere has been some notably rough weather this winter already… How comfortable has your home been through the midst of heavy snowfall? Do certain areas of your home remain cool—no matter how much you turn up the heat?

Well, we may just have a solution: propane space heating from Depew Energy!

We sell a range of top-quality space heaters and will help you choose the right one for your home. Our trained, experienced service technicians will safely and expertly install your new space heaters. And you can count on us for reliable, safe propane delivery and propane tank installation and leasing too.

Heating Throughout Your Home

Many homes have spaces that don’t get warm. Perhaps they are not connected with the home’s central heating system. These can be spaces like a home addition, an enclosed sunporch, or a finished attic.

If you have forced-air heating, you could add ductwork to the unfinished spaces. However, that can cost thousands of dollars. So, instead, many people just turn up the thermostat on their central heating system, making the unheated or underheated spaces a bit warmer while making other rooms uncomfortably warm. That’s a huge waste of energy—which also spikes your energy bill.

With a propane space heater, these unheated or inadequately heated spaces get the warmth you want, but only when you want it and without putting more demand on your heating system or driving up your energy bills.

Fast Heating

When you come home on a cold Hudson Valley day, you want to get warm and get warm fast. As we’ve stated, cranking up the central heating system is inefficient and a huge waste of energy. And it still takes 30 minutes (or longer!) to heat the room.

But since propane burns hot, you’ll have your room warm in only minutes with a propane space heater!

Zoned Heating

Even if you’re home more often, as many of us have been lately, all the rooms aren’t likely being used during the day.

Commonly, everyone is in the living room, family room, dining room, or kitchen and not in the bedrooms. But when you have central heating, you’re still heating those spaces to the same temperature that you’re heating the rooms being used. That drives up your energy costs unnecessarily.

With propane space heaters, you have more control over how your home is heated—keeping only the spaces you need warm at any given time. Portable units allow for you to transfer heat from space-to-space so you’ll never be left in the cold!

Contact us today to learn more about our available selection of propane space heaters. We will make sure you know the ins-and-outs of safely operating your new propane space heater so you can enjoy it without worry—and we’ll help deliver the propane that will keep your space heater running. Don’t forget we provide propane tank installation and leasing, too!