Service Plans: Spring Is A Great Time For Enrollment!

enrolling in a service plan hudson valley

A service plan from Depew Energy is good for your home and your wallet

Your home heating and water heating equipment are vital to keeping your Hudson Valley home warm, safe and comfortable. In fact, these two pieces of equipment also make up close to 60 percent of your home’s energy costs.

These alone are enough reasons to take care of your heating system and water heater with regular maintenance so they’ll keep doing what they’re supposed to, at peak efficiency.

Depew Energy is here to help with all of that! We offer quality boiler, furnace and water heater maintenance service by our trained, skilled and experienced service technicians. And we make it easier and even more affordable with our service plans!

We have several tiers of service plans that are tailored to fit your equipment and your budget.

All of our service plans include a thorough tune-up and safety inspection that can save you money on energy costs because of better efficiency, extend the life of your equipment, and prevent breakdowns.

Total Comfort Plan

If you want your service plan to be the ultimate security blanket for not only your equipment but your checkbook, this is the one for you! You get:

Value Plan

This plan is for people who want protection and maintenance, but at a lower price. You get:

Don’t Be Fuelish Plan

If you like value, this is the plan for you! You get:

You can also add water heater coverage to any of our service plans!

Whatever your budget, Depew Energy has a service plan to give you peace of mind all year long, just in case any trouble comes up. Contact us today to learn more, or enroll.