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Asphalt is an outstanding choice for paving residential driveways and commercial parking lots and driveways. It’s fast and easy to install. Most asphalt driveways can be laid in two days or less, depending on their size. And they can be ready to use in as little as two days once they’re laid.

Concrete, on the other hand, takes twice as long to lay and can take up to a week to cure before you can use it.

What’s an even greater benefit? Installing asphalt is, on average, much less expensive than concrete.

When asphalt does need to be replaced, it is 100% recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice, too.

Asphalt’s black color retains the heat from the sun, meaning snow will melt on it faster than a concrete driveway. Here in the Hudson Valley, that can aid quite a bit in reducing your snow removal costs.

Asphalt is also durable, lasting 25 years or longer with proper maintenance, and less likely than concrete pavement to crack over time. And if it does crack, repairs are far easier and less expensive.

That proper maintenance includes sealcoating.

And if you require sealcoating services, you can get affordable, quality sealcoating right nearby from Depew Energy! Our paving experts will come to you and discuss your needs, and give you a FREE, competitive, and transparent estimate. We’ll secure any needed permits and provide required insurance and waivers.

Our professionals are trained, experienced, and courteous. We only apply top-quality materials to your driveway.

Why Is Sealcoating Important?

Sealcoating protects your paved surfaces, helping them need fewer repairs as well as last longer. Here are some of the specific benefits sealcoating provides:

Protects from Water Intrusion. Sealcoating fills the hairline cracks that are an early sign of asphalt aging. By filling these cracks you’re reducing the likelihood that water will be able to find its way beneath the asphalt pavement surface—and the longer you can keep water out, the longer your pavement will last.

Protects Pavement from Fluids Such as Motor Oil and Gasoline. Asphalt is largely made of petroleum. Any petroleum-based liquid leaking onto it will weaken the asphalt and increase its chances for deterioration, as well as make the damage happen more quickly. Sealcoating will protect your pavement from leaks of this type.

Slows Damaging Oxidation. While you cannot avoid oxidation from the natural aging of asphalt, timely seal coatings slow it. Oxidation makes asphalt brittle, causing it to crack more easily and lead to other deterioration. Sealer is applied to asphalt to add protection against the sun and air. Regular application of sealer can extend the life of your pavement.

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