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Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring for Hudson Valley Homes

Depew Energy helps you eliminate any runout worries!

Propane is an essential fuel for many homeowners here in the Hudson Valley. It provides efficient home heating, water heating, as well as countless other benefits through supplemental heating appliances like gas logs, patio heaters, space heaters, grills and more.

Knowing that you have enough propane for all those uses—and appliances—is of utmost importance. In fact, it’s why so many of your neighbors trust Depew Energy for reliable propane delivery all year long!

However, if you want even more precision when it comes to your propane delivery, you’re not alone. That’s why we offer customers the option of wireless propane tank monitoring from Otodata! It’s the ultimate in ease, convenience and peace of mind when it comes to monitoring your fuel levels. Not only does an Otodata tank monitor give you peace of mind in knowing you won’t have to deal with a propane run-out, it gives you a tool to better manage your propane usage so you can get the most out of each propane delivery. What’s better? The tank monitor itself is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free!

What are the key benefits of wireless propane tank monitoring?

Truth be told, everyone benefits from wireless monitoring. But, there are some specific reasons that having a wireless propane tank monitor is a great idea for your home.

  • If your propane usage fluctuates largely throughout the year, you’ll love wireless monitoring. It takes the labor out of having to check—or remember—when the last time you fueled your tanks was, or how much fuel you assume you have left.
  • Wireless propane tank monitors are also ideal for second homes and income properties. You can keep an eye on the propane supply without having to physically go there. And with our wireless tank monitoring app, you can even track multiple tanks—all in one easy-to-use interface.
  • Runout worries are eliminated. Wireless monitors keep both us, and you, informed 24/7 about the exact levels of your tank. No more forgetting to check your gauges, and no hassle or expense of an emergency delivery or pressure testing if you ran yourself completely out of gas.

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