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Propane Tanks

Propane Tank Installations & Wireless Tank Monitoring

Depew Offers Tank Leasing, Tank Monitors and So Much More!

As you know, propane is a great energy source for your Hudson Valley home or business. It’s versatile, eco-friendly and affordable.

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That’s why Depew Energy makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of our dependable propane delivery by supplying, installing and servicing propane tanks so you’ll be able to have the propane your home or business needs.

What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?

Whatever size home and propane needs you have, Depew Energy offers a propane tank size that will fit. This guide to propane tank sizes will give you an idea of the size tank you will need. Our propane experts will work with you to make sure you get the right one.

Portable Options: We offer 20-, 30-, 40- and 100-pound cylinders. These portable propane tank styles are generally used for gas grills, heaters, cooking stoves, RV’s and other uses.

120-gallon propane tank: If you use propane just for water heating or space heating, this smaller tank may be right for you. It may also be able to provide you with enough propane for a range or clothes dryer.

150-gallon propane tank: Do you use propane for one or two low-Btu appliances like water heaters, ranges, space heaters, wall heaters or dryers? This tank may work. But it is not large enough to supply propane for heating your entire home with a furnace or boiler.

250-gallon propane tank: If you use propane for three or more appliances like ranges, water heaters or fireplaces, but don’t use propane for whole-house heating, you may need to go up to this size.

500-gallon propane tank: If you heat your home with propane, you’ll be needing at least this size of a propane tank. You’ll have enough propane for whole-house heating as well as appliances including fireplaces, ranges and water heaters.

1,000-gallon propane tanks: Do you own a large home heated with propane that also uses several propane appliances as well as high-Btu propane appliances like pool and spa heaters? You may need this large tank.

Propane Tank Installations for Local Businesses

So many Hudson Valley businesses and institutions use propane, such as restaurants, construction, hospitality, agriculture, apartment and condo complexes, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and more.

Propane provides not only power for heating and cooling systems, it can be used for cooking equipment, lighting, vehicles, outdoor space heating, generators, forklifts and heavy equipment, providing efficiency and value.

Because propane has fewer carbon emissions than other energy sources, it can also help any green initiatives your business has.

Depew Energy offers commercial propane tanks of 1,000 gallons and more so you’ll always have enough propane to get the job done.

Propane Tank Leasing from Depew Energy

Leasing your propane tank from Depew Energy makes sense in several ways.

1) You’ll know that your propane tank is in good condition because that’s all we install.

2) Our professionals put safety first and will make sure your tank is properly installed and maintained.

3) There’s no work or worry for you. When you own your tank, you are responsible for maintenance and repairs. With a leased tank from Depew Energy, we take care of all of that. Plus, we’ll swap out your old tank.

4) It’s affordable, with predictable monthly costs so you don’t face any surprise maintenance or repair bills!

Benefits of WESROC Propane Tank Monitoring

Want to make having propane in your home even more worry-free? Sign up for a WESROC remote tank monitor!

A WESROC remote tank monitor tracks your propane usage in real time. When you need a fill-up, Depew Energy gets an alert and we schedule a propane delivery to you before you run low. Not only can you monitor your propane usage 24/7 through our smartphone app, you also get a notification when you need a propane delivery.

Not only does a WESROC remote tank monitor give you peace of mind in knowing you won’t have to deal with a propane run-out, it gives you a tool to better manage your propane usage so you can get the most out of each propane delivery. A WESROC remote tank monitor is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

Count on Depew Energy for installation, service and leasing of safe, reliable and well-maintained propane tanks. Contact us today to learn more. And don’t forget to ask about WESROC propane tank monitoring!