What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?

Choose the Tank That’s Just Right

propane tanks new yorkIf you’re thinking of replacing your propane tank—or making the switch to propane power—you need to decide what size tank you need. And when it comes to propane tanks, size matters.

Why is that? For starters, if your propane storage tank is too small, you’ll need to order propane too often—or risk the cost and hassle of runouts. Getting a big tank means you’ll need fewer refills—and you may be able to avoid or lessen the sting from price spikes. But a bigger tank is, well, bigger, so you’ll need space to bury it which can prove to be a costly endeavor. And if it’s above-ground, a huge tank can be less attractive aesthetically.

Determining Propane Tank Size

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a propane storage tank for your home:

  1. What do you use propane for? If you use propane to power a single appliance or two, a smaller tank is probably all you need. If you use propane to heat your entire home, your water, and run multiple appliances, this will likely dictate a bigger tank being necessary.
  2. How many appliances use propane, and how much propane do they use? Some appliances use a lot of propane—pool heaters, for example. A propane range only uses about 35 gallons a year. A propane fireplace on the other hand uses about 200 gallons a year.
  3. How big is your home? If you use propane to heat your home, and it’s between 1,500-2,000sq.ft. your furnace will burn about 1,000 gallons± of propane over the course of the year. But it could be more if your home is very large. Another factor is the weather. If we have a particularly cold winter here in the Hudson Valley, you may use more propane.

For most people, the choice falls between two sizes: 250 gallons or 500 gallons, and here are some guidelines:

A 250-gallon tank is right for you if:


A 500-gallon tank is the choice for:

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