Getting the Most Out of Your Propane Cooking Range

propane gas cooking range hudson valley

Learn how propane makes cooking better, and easier

When you go out to eat, it’s most likely that whether you’re at a five-star restaurant or your local diner here in the Hudson Valley, the chefs are making your food on a gas range and not an electric range.

There’s a reason for that: Gas delivers precise temperature control that can adjust on a dime. That’s something no electric range can ever give. That kind of control means better results whether they’re sautéing, roasting, baking, grilling or broiling.

Not only can you get better cooking when you have a propane cooking range in your home, you can save up to 50 percent on energy costs from using it compared with an electric range.

We’ve put together some tips on how to maximize your propane cooking range’s performance for maximum efficiency and outstanding results.

Keep an eye on the burner flame

Propane flames should be bright blue. But if some or all the flames on your range’s burner are yellow or orange, there may be a leak in the system, and the range should be serviced.

Watch the burner setting

If you’re using Grandma’s recipe, realize she was making it with older cookware. The cookware made today is much better at retaining heat. So while Grandma said set the burner to high, you may have to adjust it to medium or medium-high to avoid burning and get results like Grandma used to.

Use the right size burner

Don’t just put your pot or pan on just any burner. If you put a small pan on a big burner, you can waste about 40 percent of the heat coming from the burner. Large pot? Larger burners. Small pot? Smaller burners.

Use these tips for your oven

How many times have you used your oven only for one little thing? When you cook more than one dish in your oven at a time, it’s energy-efficient. Also, you’ll have leftovers, meaningless cooking over the next few days. Glass and ceramic baking dishes are best at distributing heat. Save even more energy by keeping the oven window clean so you won’t waste heat by opening the oven to see how the food’s cooking in there.

Pay attention to the oven door seals

If your oven door seals develop gaps or tears, heat can escape from the oven, meaning you’re wasting energy when you’re baking, roasting or broiling in there. That heat can also damage the cabinets next to the range. If you see any gaps or tears, replace the seal.

Want to have all the advantages of cooking with gas in your home? Become a Depew Energy customer and enjoy reliable propane delivery in your Hudson Valley home, today.