Getting The Most From Your Propane Clothes Dryer

propane clothes dryer laundry hudson valley

Propane makes laundry day easier!

If you use propane in your Hudson Valley home, you know that it’s a versatile, energy-efficient fuel that can heat your home, give you hot water, and cook your dinner.

Something you may not know: Propane can dry your clothes, too! Propane clothes dryers have some big advantages over electric clothes dryers.

Doing laundry can take a lot of time. A propane clothes dryer gets your laundry dry faster, so the work is done sooner. Faster drying times let you get more laundry done on laundry day.

A propane clothes dryer also yields better results. You get less static cling. Because the heat in a propane clothes dryer is moist, it’s gentler on your laundry so whatever you’re drying —clothing, towels, bed linens — will look better for a longer time.

Propane clothes dryers cost less to operate than electric clothes dryers, so you’re saving money as well as time.

While all of these benefits are great, a favorite benefit is that propane clothes dryers produce fewer wrinkles than electric clothes dryers. Less wrinkles = less ironing!

Maximize propane clothes dryer efficiency

As terrific as propane clothes dryers are in terms of performance and efficiency, there are ways to get the most out of them. We’ve put together a few tips.

If you want a propane clothes dryer in your home, you’re going to need propane. You can count on Depew Energy for dependable, safe propane delivery. We’ll get you set up with your new tank and ready to roll in no time. Become a customer today and experience the Depew Energy difference!