What Is A Pre-buy Plan? Can I Still Enroll?

You should act now to secure the best pricing!

pre buy program hudson valleyIt’s June, and you’re probably looking ahead to the coming July 4th holiday weekend, days outdoors, cookouts, and fun in the sun. Completely understandable. You are probably not looking far enough ahead to sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and turning your furnace or boiler back on.

But, taking a little time to do so now can help keep your home heating costs under control this winter, saving you money and worry. The enrollment period for our Pre-buy program for heating oil is coming to an end soon! You must sign up by July 1, 2020.

How does Pre-buy work?

When you sign up for Pre-buy, you’re buying all of your heating oil for the coming heating season in advance. You agree to pay a set price per gallon for that heating oil. And your oil will be delivered to your home using our Automatic Delivery service.

This year’s contract runs through April 1, 2021. Any heating oil left from your purchase will be converted to a cash credit on your account. If you run out of heating oil you purchased on Pre-buy, no worries! You will still get heating oil delivered using Automatic Delivery, and you’ll be charged our fair, transparent daily market rate.

Why is Pre-buy a good deal?

A lot of things can affect heating oil prices. A hurricane or typhoon can take out critical refining and distribution centers, like what happened in Houston with Hurricane Harvey in with 2017. There can be a geopolitical crisis affecting oil-producing nations. The economy can swing up and down, as we’ve especially learned in recent months.

But when you enroll in Pre-buy, none of that changes what you pay for your heating oil because you’ve already paid for it! In recent weeks, we’ve seen heating oil prices at the lowest they’ve been in nearly five years. The time to take advantage of those low prices is right now!

Another bonus? You won’t be stuck with paying for those high winter heating oil bills when you’re in the midst of the holiday season.

Have questions? Call us today to find out more about our Pre-buy program, or our Price Cap program, and how you can easily enroll online right on our website!