Ductless Mini-Split or Central Air Conditioning?

We’ll Help You Navigate All Your Cool Options

home cooling Ulster county, ny When temps hit 90 in April in the Hudson Valley, you start to think hard about what real summer will bring—and whether your system is up for the job. Now is the time a lot of homeowners decide the time is right to update their cooling systems. These days, people have a lot more—and a lot better—options. Traditional central AC systems are more efficient than ever, and the coolant they rely on is more environmentally friendly, too. At the same time, mini-split systems are opening up new possibilities for condo and apartment dwellers. Kiss those eyesore window units goodbye!

If you haven’t shopped around for a cooling system in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your choices. And the pros at Depew can help you navigate the cool new cooling landscape to find the best system for your home and your budget. Here’s what you need to know.

How Does Central AC Work?

If you’re a new homeowner shopping for a cooling system for the first time, you may not know how a central AC works beyond the thermostat. A central A/C system uses a system of ductwork and vents connected to an outdoor condenser and a single indoor unit that cools your entire house.

How Does a Mini-split Work?

A mini-split system—also called a ductless system—use one or more indoor units, called air handlers, which can be installed virtually anywhere—the wall, the floor, even from the ceiling. They connect them to an outdoor condenser via pair of slim refrigerant pipes that fit in a three-inch hole to cool your spaces in zones.

Central AC vs. Mini-splits

Both are great—but both have clear advantages and disadvantages.

Central Air Pros

There are plenty of good reasons to opt for a central air conditioning system for your home.

Central Air Cons

Central air has a few drawbacks that can make them less ideal for some homes.

Mini-spit advantages

Downsides of a Minisplit system

What’s Right For You?

It could be a pretty clear choice—if you already have ductwork, a central AC is most likely the smartest choice. But you might still benefit from mini-split units if you have spaces that your main system doesn’t reach effectively, such as a converted attic or basement space.

That’s where the experts at Depew can step in to help. We can assess your needs, talk through your options and answer all your questions to help you choose the perfect central A/C or ductless mini-split solution for your home. Then, we’ll install it promptly, and correctly.

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