Make Depew Energy your Dual Fuel Provider for Propane AND Heating Oil

Consolidate your fuel delivery and service under one roof!

Make Depew Energy your dual fuel provider

Do you use both heating oil and propane in your Hudson Valley home? Make managing your fuel usage easier by getting both from Depew Energy!

Lots of homes in our area use both heating oil and propane. Heating oil is generally used for home heating and maybe water heating. Propane can also be used for water heating, as well as fireplaces, space heaters, dryers, whole-house backup generators, and cooking with ranges, ovens and cooktops.

Going dual-fuel works for many people. With older homes that have an oil heating system, there’s no need to convert to a propane gas heating system. Propane’s versatility adds a lot to the quality of life in your home.

But if you have separate providers for heating oil and propane, you also have more hassle.

You have two accounts with different billing methods. If you pay online, that’s two websites you have to visit and two passwords you have to remember. You have to keep track of which account’s bill you paid and which provider you scheduled a delivery with.

Why go through all that when you don’t have to? Become a Depew Energy customer for both heating oil and propane, and you get to simplify your life.

And you get much more! Including:

Are you ready to leave behind the need for two invoices each month, two bill payments every month, two customer service teams to deal with and twice the paperwork? Contact Depew Energy and we’ll make things easy this season, and all year ‘round!