How Much Propane Does A Propane Furnace Actually Use?

Enjoy Comfortable Home Heating All Season Long!

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When you use propane in your home, making sure you always have enough propane is critical.

That’s especially true this time of year if you have a propane furnace. A propane furnace provides even, comfortable heating. It is also remarkably energy efficient, helping you control costs for heating your home. When you take into account that heating makes up about half your home’s energy costs in the winter, you can see what a difference clean-burning, efficient propane can make for you.

Depew Energy provides dependable, safe delivery of propane to homes all over the Hudson Valley. We’re a full-service propane services company, as we also perform expert installation, maintenance, and repairs of propane furnaces and other propane appliances. We install and lease propane tanks in any size your home may need. If you use propane cylinders for your grill or other outdoor appliances, we do propane cylinder refills, exchanges, and sales at our headquarters located at: 5182 Route 9W in Newburgh, New York.

How Much Propane Do I Need?

There is no hard and fast number for how much propane a propane furnace uses. There are many variables, including:

But, on average, a propane furnace for a single-family home in our neck of the woods burns between 500 and 1,200 gallons of propane annually for heating and cooking.

Additionally, the average homeowner uses between 200-300 gallons of propane per year for hot water.

If you don’t have regular fill-ups scheduled with us, we can help you read your propane gauge to know when you need to call for refueling. But you’ll know that your furnace will always have the propane you need if you enroll in Automatic Delivery. We’ll track your propane usage using your prior recorded usage factored alongside the current weather conditions to accurately know when you need your tank filled. A delivery is scheduled so you’ll have your propane before you run low!

Depew Energy can help you get comfort and efficiency with a new propane furnace. Get in touch with us today to get started!