How Long Do Propane Tanks Last?

What You Should Know About Your Tank & Heating System

propane tanks new yorkIf you own your own propane tank or currently utilize propane gas in your place of residence, you probably know all the benefits of this versatile and clean-burning fuel. From highly efficient heating to the precision of cooking on a gas range, to the ease and charm of a gas fireplace and the peace of mind of a backup generator, propane helps make your life more comfortable in a multitude of ways. But you may not know much about your propane storage tank itself. If it came with your home, you might not even know how old it is. Does it need maintenance? When does it need to be replaced?

As your reliable Hudson Valley propane expert, Depew Energy is here for you making sure your tank is installed safely, and that you always have the propane you need, when you need it. We’ll help fill in some of the gaps to make sure you’re up to speed with all aspects of your tank and home heating system.

What’s My Propane Tank’s Lifespan?

Today’s propane tanks are built with safety and durability in mind. Aboveground propane tanks are designed to withstand the elements for 30 years or more before they need to be replaced. Some aluminum and composite cylinders can last even longer. On the other hand, underground propane tanks can have a shorter average life expectancy, between 20 to 30 years, depending on the soil type and whether the tank was installed properly.

Extending the Life of Your Propane Tank

If your tank has been installed correctly, it should require very little maintenance. That said here a few simple guidelines for keeping your tank in good shape:

Sign up for automatic delivery—or ask us about a WESROC remote tank monitor—to ensure you avoid the inconvenience and expense of a run-out!

Should I Lease or Own My Tank?

When you own your tank, YOU are responsible for maintenance and repairs. With a leased tank from Depew Energy, WE take care of all of that. Plus, we’ll swap out your old tank! Here are some other benefits of leasing a propane tank from us:

Need a new propane tank for your home in Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Plattekill or nearby Dutchess, Ulster or Orange County, NY home? Depew is here for you! Contact us today for more information. We’ll be happy to help you.