It’s Heating system Tune-up Time

5 Reasons Not to Skip Your Seasonal Maintenance

fall heater maintenance new yorkOne of the best things about living in the Hudson Valley is the crisp fall weather and beautiful foliage. These cool nights are perfect for sleeping comfortably, but before too long—if you haven’t already—you’ll soon want to turn the heat on as the temperatures dive lower!

When that inevitably happens, make sure your heating system is ready to go by scheduling your professional tune-up! Our expert, in-house heating technicians clean, inspect, test, and prepare your furnace or boiler to make sure it’s ready and running at peak efficiency for the fall and winter months ahead, including:

Thinking of Waiting Until Next Year? That Could Prove Costly.

You may think skipping a year is no big deal, especially if your equipment is new or has always run “pretty well.” Here are five smart reasons not to skip a year—or an additional one:

  1. Lower Bills. Without regular maintenance, your heating system will lose about five percent (5%) efficiency per year on average—which makes a tune-up an investment that will basically pay for itself.
  2. Improved Reliability. The best way to make sure your heating system will withstand the rigors of a Hudson Valley winter is to have it professionally serviced every year. Besides, who wants to be put in a position to call about a no-heat emergency during a snowstorm or deep freeze?
  3. Early Problem Detection. Most (about 80 percent) heating system repairs are preventable; routine maintenance will uncover small issues before they turn into more costly heating system repairs.
  4. Warranty Protection. Many furnace and boiler warranties require annual maintenance from a qualified pro. If you don’t have your system serviced, you might find yourself paying for a heating repair even if the equipment is still under warranty!
  5. Improved Safety. A heating expert can spot the early warning signs of a carbon monoxide problem before it becomes a risk to your family.

Depew Energy’s service plans are also a great way to protect your investment in your home heating system. In addition to annual tune-ups, you’ll get 24/7 emergency service and big savings on the cost of any repairs!

Is It Ever “Too Late” for a Tune-up?

There’s no bad time for a tune-up, but there are better times. Fall tune-ups mean you’re ready for whatever winter brings. Getting it done in the spring means scheduling is easier—and the benefits don’t wear off before you turn it on again. But if you’re seeing certain problems recur more frequently, a tune-up may be just a band-aid for an aging system that’s due for an update. If you’re seeing rising fuel costs, experiencing frequent breakdowns despite regular maintenance, or your system just isn’t keeping your home warm anymore, it might be time to replace it.

Today’s high-efficiency equipment is designed to make your whole home more comfortable while reducing annual energy costs by 30% or more! That’s probably more than what you will spend on maintenance and repairs to keep your old system running.

Need a new furnace or boiler, or service for your current furnace or boiler? Contact the professionals at Depew Energy! We have the training and experience to take care of your home heating needs—no matter the season or situation!