Kerosene Fuel Delivery in the Hudson Valley of New York State

If your home or business requires kerosene, Depew Energy can help.

If you use kerosene to keep your Hudson Valley home or business warm, you know finding reliable kerosene delivery can be a challenge. That’s why so many of your fellow kerosene users in our area trust Depew Energy with their kerosene delivery.

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Depew Energy delivers kerosene to communities all across Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam & Sullivan counties.

What are the benefits of using kerosene?

Many folks might believe that kerosene heating went out of use decades or generations ago in favor of the more modern heating fuels including heating oil, propane and natural gas.

They’d be surprised to know how many homes and businesses in the Hudson Valley use kerosene.

The primary user of kerosene lives in a mobile home or a home that does not have a basement. If there’s no basement, the heating fuel tank has to be outdoors.

The average low temperature in the Newburgh area gets down into the teens during winter. More remote areas get even colder than that. And don’t forget cold snaps. Temperatures can plummet to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, or colder.

Bitter-cold weather can cause a big problem for those who use No. 2 heating oil, which is the most common heating oil, stored in outdoor heating oil tanks. When the temperature gets very cold, heating oil can develop a problem know as “gelling.”

Gelling is when heating oil thickens in the cold. Gelled heating oil can reduce or even block heating oil from flowing into your heating system, which can cause your heating system to shut down, necessitating an emergency service call and repairs.

Prevent gelling—even in the coldest winter seasons!

Kerosene, which is stored in a regular heating oil tank, doesn’t gel. That means your home will have fuel for heating no matter how cold it gets.

There is another benefit of kerosene, and that is its versatility. Not only can it be used for heating, but it can also fuel stoves for cooking and lanterns for lighting, meaning you’ll have warmth, light and hot food even if the power goes out.

From Milan to Monticello, Hyde Park to Livingston Manor, Depew Energy provides dependable and safe delivery of kerosene. Become a customer today.