Diesel Fuels

Diesel Fuel Delivery in the Hudson Valley of New York State

Depew Energy will help keep your fleet, vehicles, and equipment running strong all year long.

Look around Newburgh and the rest of the Hudson Valley and you’ll see a whole lot of businesses from a wide range of industries that rely on diesel fuels.

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Those businesses include:

  • Construction companies
  • Waste haulers
  • Farmers
  • Moving companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Foodservice businesses
  • Landscaping businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Filling stations
  • Golf courses

Many businesses and critical institutions like schools and hospitals use diesel for their generators so they can serve the public even when the power goes out. That also holds true for nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, so residents can be safe, warm, fed and comfortable.

And don’t forget the municipalities and school districts that need diesel for school buses, snowplow and salt-spreading trucks, first responder vehicles and park maintenance equipment.

All of these businesses, governments, institutions and school districts needing diesel services know they can turn to Depew Energy.

We offer local fleet fueling services for commercial businesses.

If your business needs diesel for on-site fueling, Depew Energy is the diesel provider you can count on for reliable and safe delivery so you can fuel your fleet of vehicles and equipment. Whether your business is in Washingtonville or Lincoln Park, Woodstock or Bethel we can provide the diesel services you need.

With more than 20 years of meeting the fuel needs of homeowners and businesses all over the Hudson Valley, Depew Energy understands the needs of businesses like yours in a way other fuel providers, especially the big national companies based far away from the area, just can’t.

We collaborate with our diesel customers — businesses, farmers, governments, institutions and more — so we know what you need and can strive to meet your needs.

Our pricing is competitive and transparent. As a Depew Energy customer, you also get prompt, dependable and safe diesel fuel delivery as well as courteous service.

Looking for a fuel provider to help you better manage your bottom line? Contact Depew Energy to learn more about our available diesel fuel services—we can provide you a FREE, no-obligation estimate.