Heating Oil

heating oil

Depew’s has been delivering heating oil to the people of Newburgh, NY and its surrounding areas since 1998. We are committed to delivering premium oil with friendly and reliable service.

Automatic Delivery

For even more convenience, Depew Energy is offering automatic delivery. We monitor your fuel usage in order to predict when and how often you will need fuel throughout the year, adjusting for temperature and weather conditions. We will then deliver according to our advanced delivery formula to ensure you will never have to worry about ordering your heating oil again!

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Heating Oil Benefits

Heating oil is a safe, inexpensive, and economic way to heat your home. Not only has heating oil’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped by 33% over the last 40 years, but it can operate at 95% efficiency in your home heating system. This safe fuel is non-explosive and is safe to store indoors or outdoors. Converting to propane or natural gas can cost upwards of $10,000 while upgrading your heating oil system can save you 30% on your annual fuel bills every year, increasing the value of your home.

Depew’s Heating Oil Perks

Depew Energy also offers our Worry-Free Budget Plan to spread fuel payments evenly throughout the year so you aren’t paying for the majority of your oil use in four or five months. We also offer a Cap Pricing Program where you can set an agreed upon price for your heating oil and not have to worry about the unexpected price increases that tend to happen over the winter months.

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