Propane Space Heaters

Propane Space Heaters for Hudson Valley, NY

Heat those hard-to-reach spaces with the help of propane!

Many of us here in the Hudson Valley have unheated spaces in our homes, or rooms that just don’t get very warm, that we’d like to be able to use.

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Whether it’s a finished attic or home addition, a three-season porch, a garage or a shed, call Depew Energy for propane space heaters, which will have you enjoying those spaces no matter what Old Man Winter throws our way!

What are the benefits of a propane space heater?

If you’ve ever asked “How much electricity do space heaters use?” propane space heaters offer a more energy-efficient solution. Propane space heaters also warm up your room faster than electric space heaters.

With a propane space heater, you’ll be able to work in your garage or your work shed in comfort all winter. You can relax in your three-season porch and enjoy the view. That unfinished attic you turned into a home office, a kids playroom, a teen hangout space or a guest room will be warm and cozy.

The professionals at Depew Energy will answer all your questions, including, “How long can space heaters be left on?” and “How hot do space heaters get?” We will then walk you through your options when it comes to space heating, helping you determine the right size and type of heater that will efficiently heat the whole space.

If you select a propane wall heater, our experienced and certified service technicians will install it at your home. We will also make sure you know the ins and outs of safely operating your new propane space heater so you can enjoy it without worry.

Depew Energy delivers the propane that will keep your space heater running, and we provide propane tank installation and leasing, too!

Reach out to Depew Energy for the space heaters that will keep your home warm and comfortable.