Diesel, Kerosene, & DEF Solutions for Homes & Businesses

We Provide a Variety of Fuels—Tailored to Your Needs!

diesel and kerosene for business new york

While you may know Depew Energy as the Hudson Valley’s leader in propane, heating oil, and HVAC services, those are not all that we do!

We also deliver kerosene, diesel, and diesel exhaust fluid, too.

Kerosene Services

Kerosene is an extremely versatile fuel. It provides reliable heating in extremely cold weather like we get in remote areas during the winter. Kerosene can also be used for cooking and outdoor lighting.

Plenty of businesses also use kerosene. These applications include using it as a solvent for greases and insecticides, jet engine fuel, and fire entertainment performances.

As many of us in the Hudson Valley of New York know, temperatures can plummet to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or colder in the heart of winter. Bitter-cold weather can cause a big problem for those who use No. 2 heating oil, which is the most common heating oil, stored in outdoor heating oil tanks. When the temperature gets very cold, heating oil can develop a problem known as “gelling.”

Gelling is when heating oil thickens in the cold. Gelled heating oil can reduce or even block heating oil from flowing into your heating system, which can cause your heating system to shut down, necessitating an emergency service call and repairs.

Kerosene, which is stored in a regular heating oil tank, doesn’t gel. That means your home will have fuel for heating no matter how cold it gets—and we’ll provide expert, courteous delivery for whenever you need it most.

Diesel Fuel Services

Whether your business is a construction company, a farm, or something else, Depew Energy provides complete diesel services.

We deliver diesel to all kinds of businesses, and not just for vehicles either. Our high-grade diesel fuels can be used for off-road equipment and even commercial generators to keep hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, and more, safe.

With Depew Energy’s on-site fleet fueling services, your company’s drivers don’t have to waste time getting their vehicles and equipment filled up at other—or multiple—gas stations. A second benefit is that we’ll take care of managing your payments, rather than taking the extra time to organize and document your fuel receipts.

Fleet fueling can do more than just save money in the office; it also benefits your company’s budget. Your fuel purchases are from a single provider, which helps to lower your costs. Your employees will spend less of their time on administrative duties related to fueling, including organizing mileage reports or receipts and managing reimbursements.

We deliver fuel right to your job site, and the schedule is arranged so that fuel delivery does not interfere with your business operations.

We provide fleet fueling services for municipalities and school districts too, providing fuel services for snowplows, school buses, construction equipment, first responder vehicles, and more!

Our diesel services even extend to diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). We sell ArmorBlue DEF, and our commercial fuel experts will make sure you have the supply on-hand no matter your need—both big and small!

Contact Depew Energy to learn more about our kerosene, diesel, and DEF services in and around the Hudson Valley region of New York.