Depew Energy Does Pavement Sealcoating!

Extend the life of your asphalt pavement

driveway sealing new yorkYou probably know Depew Energy as the Hudson Valley’s leader in reliable fuel delivery and service. You may not be familiar that we happen to offer another service for our residential and commercial customers: professional sealcoating of asphalt pavement!

Our paving professionals will apply an industrial-grade asphalt sealant to your asphalt pavement. This provides protection not only for your asphalt, but your investment in it for years to come.

Why should I have my asphalt pavement sealcoated?

Whether you use asphalt for your home’s driveway, or for commercial walkways and parking lots, you made a big investment in the quality and aesthetics of that location.

Sealcoating protects that investment.

When you have your asphalt pavement professionally sealcoated by Depew Energy, it protects your pavement from the effects of not only everyday wear and tear, but environmental damage over years’ time. That type of damage can include:

All of these kinds of damage can cause big problems for your asphalt. With ultraviolet oxidation, the bonding in the asphalt is weakened. That creates cracks that cause damage all the way down through the asphalt to the subgrade. If that happens, you are facing some big repair bills.

Having professional sealcoating can prevent that damage and add years to the life of your asphalt pavement before you have to shell out money to repair or replace it.

What does sealcoating involve?

Depew Energy applies the same dedication to outstanding service that we provide with our fuel services to our sealcoating service.

  1. First, a sealcoating expert from Depew Energy will come to your home or business and inspect your asphalt. With that information, we will give you a FREE, no-strings estimate for sealcoating your asphalt. You get with that estimate a detailed explanation of our recommendations, and a schedule for the project complete with a start date.
  2. We will handle getting any permits you need for your sealcoating project, and we provide the required insurance and waivers.
  3. Our sealcoating material is top-quality, so you can be assured that it will last the recommended three to five years between sealcoatings. And our sealcoating professionals will do the job efficiently, neatly, and leave the area in tip-top shape—even better than when we first arrived.

We provide service to homeowners and businesses in Dutchess, Ulster and Orange counties and their surrounding areas. Click here to see if we provide sealcoating services in your town and contact us today to learn more about our sealcoating services!