Budget Plan, Autopay, Online Bill Pay: 3 Ways To Make Life Easier

Depew Energy makes managing your account simple

easy life with auto payHow are you spending your increased time at home thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak? If you have decided to use this time as an opportunity to do some spring-cleaning and organizing, you’ve likely discovered that paper clutter is a problem.

You may be taking on something else many are doing: trying to get more control over household expenses.

You’re not alone. Fortunately, Depew Energy has ways to help with both: our Worry-free Budget Plan, AutoPay, and online bill pay!

Worry-free Budget Plan

Have you noticed that your propane bill fluctuates depending on the season? Your propane bills are usually higher during the winter because you’re using more propane for heating, water heating, holiday cooking and baking, and possibly space heating or a propane fireplace.

That fluctuation means not only that you are getting bigger bills around the holidays when you can least afford them, but it also makes planning your monthly household budget more of a challenge.

The Depew Energy Worry-free Budget Plan takes you off that roller coaster by spreading your propane costs across 11 easy monthly payments. We call it Worry-free because you’ll never have to worry about how much your bill will be.


Enrolling in AutoPay makes managing your Depew Energy account even easier.

That’s because your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account. You will never have to worry about remembering to pay your bill, or worry because you forgot to drop that check in the mail.

Online bill pay

The internet makes a lot of things better. You can order takeout, binge-watch “Tiger King,” read news articles, or do a family Zoom get-together.

It also makes managing your Depew Energy account easier, because you can pay your bill online!

You no longer have find your bill in that pile of mail on the kitchen table, write the check, find a stamp, mail the bill, and hope it gets to Depew Energy on time. Instead, you will log into your account and pay your bill in less time than it takes to warm up some leftover pizza. And you can do it 24/7, 365 days a year from a desktop computer, or mobile device. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Contact us to learn more about easy ways to manage your Depew Energy account, or how to become a customer, today!