The Best Central Air Thermostat Setting For Summer

How To Stay Cool & Save Money

summer thermostat temp Putnam county, ny It can get hot and sticky in the Hudson Valley in the summer. You want to run your central air conditioning system so you can stay cool and comfortable—but you don’t to run up your utility charges as a result. What if we told you there’s a “perfect setting” for your thermostat that will let you chill out without getting hot and bothered by high electric bills?

It’s true! If you set your thermostat to about 78 degrees, you’ll feel comfortable all summer, while saving energy and keeping bills manageable.

That temperature may seem high, but keep in mind that the humidity plays a big part in how uncomfortable you feel when it’s hot. The smaller the difference between your indoor and outdoor temperature, the lower your cooling bill will be. Setting your thermostat higher and reducing the humidity in your home will make a big difference.

In addition, raising your thermostat by 10 degrees when you’re not home will help lower your cooling bills even more. And, with a programable thermostat, you can set your thermostat to lower the temperature a half hour before you get home. If you have pets at home, you may want to set it only five degrees warmer.

Smart Ways to Use Your Smart Thermostat

The technology behind smart thermostats mean you can adjust your thermostat from anywhere using an app on your phone. So if you’re heading home earlier than usual, or you don’t have a regular schedule, you can adjust your thermostat remotely when you’re a half hour from home, or a half hour before the kids get home.

When you use a smart thermostat to raise the AC when you leave the house and turn it back down in time to make the house comfortable by the time you to get home, you may be able to cut cooling costs by as much as 10%, according to the United States Department of Energy. You can earn similar savings when you use it to control your heat in the winter.

More Ways to Be Cool

Keeping the heat out of your house in the first place will mean you won’t feel the need to blast the AC. Here are some easy ways to do that:

Don’t Forget a Tune-up

When your equipment is well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency, it will need less energy to do its job—which goes a long way to keeping energy costs down, too. A tune-up will also catch and correct small problems like a blocked drain line that can lead to bigger, more expensive problems. Depew’s technicians perform expert tune-ups, as well as installations and repairs.

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