Do I Need A Safety Inspection If I Run Out Of Propane?

Automatic Delivery Eliminates This Hassle And Expense!

automatic delivery new yorkSo much has changed this year, and the effects of staying home more often have touched our lives in many ways. One effect you may not have thought about in the midst of everything was the direct effect on your Hudson Valley home’s propane usage.

Because you’re home more, like if you work remotely or your kids are doing distance-learning, you are (or will be in the coming months!) keeping the heat on much longer than you used to. That means your home’s heating system is using more propane fuel as well.

As another example, less options for dining out means you’ve likely been cooking more, thus using more propane for your kitchen range.

Other ways your propane usage may be impacted is if adult children and/or elderly parents have moved in. That means more hot water is needed, thus your water heater is using more propane, too.

These increases in your propane usage can lead to you running low on, or worse, running out of propane if you aren’t paying close attention to your propane tank gauge levels. And a propane run-out is an expensive pain in the neck.

What happens in a propane run-out?

If you use Will-Call to get propane delivery, you are responsible for checking your tank gauge regularly to see how much propane is in your tank and contacting us to request a delivery.

We urge our customers to not let their propane tank gauge levels fall below 30%, so we have time to schedule a delivery to your home before you risk a propane run-out.

But if you do run out of propane, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with us for an emergency propane delivery. DO NOT email us or try to contact us online. Call us right away at: 845-568-0072.

Getting your propane tank refilled is just the beginning of what needs to be done when you have a propane run-out.

Before you can use propane in your home after a run-out, you must also have your propane system thoroughly inspected by a professional service technician. That safety inspection includes a leak test, a pressure test, an inspection of your tank and propane appliances, and a professional re-lighting of all the propane appliance pilots.

And when it comes to expense, you are responsible for the costs of the emergency propane delivery, the safety inspections, and the re-lighting of the appliance pilots.

Automatic Delivery Makes Getting Your Propane Easy!

There is a reason Automatic Delivery is our most popular propane delivery option. Our customers love its ease and convenience, as well as the peace of mind it gives them knowing they won’t have to deal with a propane run-out.

We track your propane usage by factoring your prior usage alongside the current weather conditions. We use that information to accurately predict when you will need propane and schedule a delivery to your home before your run low. No more having to remember to check your tank gauge levels or even contact us!

Get reliable, safe propane deliveries you can count on year-round with Depew Energy! Become a customer today and experience the difference.