Automatic Delivery Is The Answer To An Empty Tank

Make sure your home is kept warm and comfortable all year ‘round

heating oil delivery new yorkYour daily to-do list can get pretty full between work and school schedules, family events and more… Then throw the holidays into the mix on top of it! Some things might slip your mind. If one of those things is scheduling a delivery of heating oil or propane to your Newburgh area home, you could end up running out and needing an emergency delivery.

Avoid that hassle and expense by enrolling in Depew Energy’s automatic heating oil delivery and/or automatic propane delivery!

Automatic delivery makes your life much easier. You no longer need to have to go outside, or down to the cellar, to regularly check your tank gauge levels. And, you don’t have to call Depew Energy to schedule a delivery.

What Does Automatic Delivery Look Like?

Here’s how automatic heating oil delivery and automatic propane delivery work: We monitor your heating oil or propane usage, and adjust for seasonal weather while taking your average home usage into account. This allows us to accurately predict when you will need your heating oil or propane tank refilled as it nears the 25%-filled mark. Once that’s determined, we use an advanced delivery planning system to schedule a delivery that allows us to efficiently and promptly deliver heating oil or propane to your home.

But the best thing automatic delivery gives you is peace of mind. You’ll know that you have the fuels you need to handle whatever Old Man Winter sends our way.

This means no worries about running out of heating oil or propane. And, you don’t have to worry about all the trouble that goes with a run-out, like having to schedule an emergency delivery or heating oil or propane, paying for an emergency delivery, having to have your burner or pilots restarted, or possible freezing and bursting of water pipes because your home got cold. All of these are scenarios we’ve seen before, all of which become a thing of the past by enrolling in auto delivery!

Count on Depew Energy for dependable and safe automatic delivery of your heating oil or propane this season and beyond. Get in touch with us to learn more, or enroll, today!