Get A WESROC Propane Tank Monitor

Real-Time, Wireless Monitoring To Keep You In-The-Know 24/7!

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If you use propane to keep your Hudson Valley home warm and comfortable, you already know what a great job it does for that.

You may also use propane in other appliances around your home, like your water heater, range, or fireplace.

Knowing that you’ll always have enough propane is essential. It’s why we offer our Automatic Delivery service! We’ll track your propane usage using data from your past usage, combined with current weather conditions—that helps us project exactly when to schedule a propane delivery to your home before you run low.

But, sometimes, you want even more precision when it comes to your propane supply. Perhaps this is a second home, or an income property. Or, your propane usage may have changed a lot this year by working remotely, adult children or elderly parents moving in.

All of these are great reasons to install a WESROC wireless propane tank monitor!

How WESROC Wireless Propane Tank Monitors Work

The WESROC wireless tank monitor takes full advantage of today’s technology. It’s a small unit installed directly on your propane tank. It will track your propane usage in real-time, sending that data to Depew Energy using cellular and wireless networks.

When your propane tank reaches a set level (approximately 25%) it sends us an alert. We then schedule a prompt delivery to your home.

And you can know EXACTLY how much propane you have, any time of day or night, with our smartphone app! Just tap the icon on your smartphone and you’ll see the exact percentage your tank is at, the date of your last delivery—and more! Not only that, you’ll get a push notification when you need a delivery so you’re always informed.

The security and peace of mind you get with a WESROC wireless tank monitor is simply unmatched!

If You Accidentally Run Out Of Propane

Running out of propane is an inconvenient, expensive hassle.

In cold weather, a propane runout means your home has no heat. Not only will you and your family be cold, but you’re at risk of frozen and burst pipes. And you’ll have no hot water, either.

Running out of propane means an emergency delivery, which comes with an additional fee in itself.
But wait…unfortunately there’s more! It’s required that your propane tank have a pressure test to check for any leaks that may have formed while you were out of propane. A professional service technician has to re-light the pilots in all your propane appliances. And you have to pay for both of those.

Never fear a propane run-out again! Contact us today to learn more about WESROC propane tank monitors—and find out just how simple and easy they are to install!

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