5 Reasons You Should Love Depew Energy

We love serving our Hudson Valley customers!

reasons to love depew energy hudson valley
February’s big holiday is Valentine’s Day, so, in honor of that, we’re going to make a post about love.

The people at Depew Energy love the work that we do, and we love providing the very best in heating oil and propane services for our neighbors here in the Hudson Valley.

We’re giving you why anyone looking for a heating oil, propane and comfort equipment services company will love what Depew Energy has to offer!

  1. Dependable heating oil, propane and kerosene delivery. For more than 20 years, Depew Energy has been providing reliable and safe delivery of propane, heating oil and kerosene to homes all over Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster and Sullivan counties. With the largest fleet of delivery trucks in our area, our customers know that when they need their fuel, they’ll get it. We offer even more peace of mind with automatic delivery. Depew Energy will track your heating oil usage alongside the current weather so we can accurately predict when to schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.
  2. Personal service. Because Depew Energy customers are also our neighbors, we understand your needs. We give prompt, professional and courteous service whether we’re delivering fuel, installing a fuel tank, or repairing your furnace.
  3. Managing your fuel costs is easy. We offer pricing and payment options like our Worry-Free Budget Plan, which lets you spread your fuel costs over 11 even, monthly payments. Worry-Free is available for both heating oil and propane. Heating oil customers can also take more control of how much they pay for their heating oil with our Fixed Price Program, where you pre-buy your heating oil for the season at an agreed-upon price, and our Cap Price program, where you’ll never pay more than the set price.
  4. Quality equipment installation, service and repairs. The Depew Energy service technicians are trained and experienced to take care of the heating, cooling and comfort equipment in your home. We install, maintain and repair boilers and furnaces, water heaters, both central and ductless mini-split air conditioning, and space heaters. We also help protect your investment with our equipment service plans.
  5. We take care of local businesses. Diesel fuel is a vital fuel for businesses all over the Hudson Valley, including construction, moving, health care, delivery services and more. Depew Energy works with businesses all over the area to provide on-site fleet fueling.

Like what you’ve seen? Get in touch with Depew Energy today and join our family of satisfied, loyal customers!