Home Heating Efficiency Tips For The Fall

Save money on your energy costs as the weather cools down

fall heating tips new yorkWe’re getting close to that time here in the Hudson Valley where we’ll be turning on the heat in our homes.

If that has you worrying about your home heating costs that come along with it, we have some ways you can improve the efficiency of your furnace or boiler. That saves you money without you having to give up any of that cozy comfort.

Tune up your heating system

Your home’s furnace or boiler needs regular, professional maintenance by our service technicians to run at its best possible efficiency, so you’re using the least amount of energy possible to keep your home warm. A tune-up also gives your service technician a chance to discover and repair problems before they lead to reduced efficiency. Now is also a perfect time to enroll in one of our service plans to help you save on maintenance and repair costs for your home’s heating system year in, and year out.

Give your heat room to move

Heated air needs space so it can circulate around a room. Obstructions like furniture or curtains might be negatively contributing to this more than you even realize – and it will force your furnace or boiler to work harder to heat your room, increasing your energy costs as well as wear and tear on your heating system. Go around each room and make sure registers and baseboard radiators have clear, unobstructed space around them.

Get rid of heat loss

Drafts around windows and doors, and through walls and ceilings, can sometimes be the equivalent of a window being open when it comes to heat loss. That heat loss can drive up your energy costs and force your heating system to work harder as well. But by using caulk, weatherstripping, and expanding foam to seal up those drafts, you can lower your heating costs up to nearly 20%!

Lower the water heater temperature

Check the temperature setting on your water heater. If it’s at the manufacturer’s setting of 140˚ Fahrenheit, it is unnecessarily high and can be dangerous. That high a temperature creates a risk of scalding injuries, especially in children and the elderly. You can cut your energy costs for water heating by up to 10% by turning down the thermostat to 120˚. Your water will still be hot enough for jobs like laundry and dishwashing, and you won’t notice the difference when you take a shower or bath.

Change the air filter

A dirty air filter makes your furnace work harder. The dirt and dust from it can also setting on furnace parts and damage them, causing more wear and tear or a potential breakdown if left untouched for a long period of time. Don’t go longer than three months without changing the air filter. You’ll need to do it more frequently if you have pets, or if someone in your home has allergies, asthma, or a respiratory condition like COPD.

Want dependable delivery of your home’s propane or heating oil to keep warm and comfrotbale all through the chilliest months the Hudson Valley has to offer? Become a Depew Energy customer today! We’re here to help.